First flights in 40,000km



After a lazy morning sea swimming at high tide in the crystal clear water, we had to say a very sad farewell to Nusa Lembongan. We took a much speedier 30min boat back to Senur on mainland Bali, this time travelling on ‘Lembongan Fast Cruises’ for 150,000RP (£8) each on proper seats. Our faithful Grab friend Mr Jack then picked us up and took us to Denpasar Airport. We still can’t believe that this will be the first flight we’ve taken in our whole trip!

Arrived 6 hours early at the airport. Waited 3 hours for the gate to open, luckily we were so early as when we checked into our Quantus flight to Sydney they said that we didn’t have Australian Visa’s so couldn't fly. We were only transiting in Sydney for 10 hours before our flight to Christchurch, however apparently if you've got over an 8 hour gap between flights you have to have a visa! 2 hours stood at the check-in desk getting visas for £22 each, which annoyed us as it’s free online for UK passport holders but you’ve got to do it 24hr in advance. Finally get them through after the woman messes up Jack’s name (she wrote Leriche no spaces and then had to call Australia to change it), we end up running through security and to the gate for our flight.

The check-in asked us if we wanted emergency exit seats due to Jack’s height. We thought that very generous of them so obviously accepted. On the flight however, it turns out that all the emergency exit rows cannot recline their seats, so we had a 5 ½ hr overnight flight sat bolt upright trying to sleep. I thought flying was supposed to be easier, less stressful and more comfortable than land travel!

What we did:

We arrived in Sydney at 7am. Having paid for Visas, we decided that we definitely would use them and leave the airport to head into Sydney and see the sights for a few hours. Wow after 6 months in Asia the culture, bleak weather and costs of everything was a shock. It was $18 (£10) each way pp for the train direct from the airport to Circle Quay, which was right in between Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We had a nice walk through the city in the rain. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my classic travelers shirt and giant ballooned purple trousers and Jack finally got a new pair of trainers as we could actually buy some his size after his fell apart.



Back to the airport for a very dull few hours wait. We were both so tired after no sleep on the flight and actually had a nap on one of the round sofas in the middle of the airport, hopefully neither of us were snoring loudly, but who cares! A 3 ½ hr Quantus flight next to Christchurch. Again we were in the emergency exit with no recliners, but we decided we preferred the leg room anyway. Arrived into Christchurch at 11.30pm to a wonderful welcoming committee of the Voisin family and Co :D

What we've done

We’ve had a wonderful 2 months here now. We arrived on the 20th October (been very behind on the blog as you can see) and have been living at Chris and Karen’s house. We’ve been catching up with my family (Kat’s), old and new friends, exploring the area, going for surfs, big walks and cycles and managed to both get jobs and have been working and saving for the next adventure...Japan in February here we come!!!

But for now, enjoy the photo’s below :)